PediaCare Uso Diurno Resfriado con Multiples Sintomas Ninos 4-11 Grape Flavor, PediaCare Daytime Multi Symptom Cold Children 4-11 Grape Flavor

Other Information: Each teaspoon 5 ml contains: sodium 15 mg. Store between 68-77 degrees F (20-25 degrees C). Protect from light. Store in outer carton until contents are used. See bottom panel for lot number and expiration date. Misc: Phenylephrine HCl - Nasal decongestant. Dextromethorphan HBr - Cough suppressant. Bonus! Brain Quest Deck No. 2 attached. Children ages 4-11. We care for kids. Relieves stuffy nose. Controls cough. Non-drowsy. PediaCare medicines are specially developed for kids and provide safe and effective relief for your child's cough, cold, fever, and allergy symptoms. Visit use at and use our symptom checker to select the right product for your child's symptoms. Also, check out our sick day activities and useful tips and information about childhood illness. Made in Canada.

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