Mucinex Children's Cold & Flu All in One Very Berry Flavor Liquid 4 fl oz Box

Other Information: Each 10 ml contains: sodium 6 mg. Store at 20 - 25 degrees C (68 - 77 degrees F). Do not refrigerate. Acetaminophen 325 mg - pain reliver/fever reducer. Dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg - Cough suppressant. Guaifenesin 200 mg - expectorant. Phenylphrine HCl 5 mg - nasal decongestant. All in one (Helps to relieve these symptoms day or night): Sore throat; fever; chest congestion; cough; nasal congestion; sinus congestion; sinus pressure; headache; body pain. Pediatrician recommended (as an OTC brand in the Children's cough/cold category (AlphaImpactRxProVoice Survey). Dosing cup included. Health; hygiene; home. Questions or comments? 1-866-MUCINEX (1-866-682-4639) or Parents: Learn about teen medicine abuse. Made in Mexico.

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