Maxim Organic Tampons

100% Certified organic cotton. Hypoallergenic. Chlorine free. No chemicals, rayon or synthetic materials used. Cardboard applicator. Super absorbency. All our organic feminine hygiene products are hypoallergenic, designed with quality materials and comfort in mind for today's active woman. Maxim organic products are made for health and environmentally conscious individuals. The cotton used in this product is 100% certified organic. Maxim tampons are chlorine and viscose free to reduce the risk of irritation and allergy. Smooth Insertion - Our open tip cardboard applicator has been specially designed for comfortable and smooth insertion. Finger grip grooves added for easier use. Outstanding Protection - Maxim Tampons expand evenly to fit the body's natural shape and provide maximum fluid control. Fiber Locking - Tampon cotton fibers use lock-in technology to prevent material from shredding. Variety of Absorbency Levels - Available in regular, super and super plus. Individually Wrapped - Tampons are individually wrapped for your protection and carrying convenience. Convenient Disposal - Flushable and biodegradeable. Made in E.U.

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