Professional Hair Spray, Volumizing, Firm Hold

By Nature's Therapy. Big hair. New look, same formula. Sexy Hair Concept's bigsexyhair Spray & Play is a competing product. Our products contain the purest ingredients available and are chemically engineered to deliver the results you expect from the salon. Our products should not be confused with generics, made for a price, imitations or other name brands. We refer to products such as Sexy Hair Concepts bigsexyhair so you'll know in advance what you can expect for your hair from this product. Where performance is not compromised, we use only biodegradable extracts and compounds, while using packaging that is acceptable to your local container recycler. Our fixatives also meet current VOC clean air standards. Our goal is to offer for your money the best hair care performance that you can get anywhere, period. Our personal promise is that we will always place you, your hair and our environment before anything else. Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Please recycle when empty. Volumizing Hair Spray Firm Hold: This design tool provides immediate lift and control with fast drying to hold hair firmly. Shapes during blow drying and brushes through for easy restyling. 55% VOC. bigsexyhair is a registered trademark of Sexy Hair Concepts. Nature's Therapy is not affiliated, connected, or associated with Sexy Hair Concepts, This product does not originate from and has not been sponsored, endorsed, approved or licensed by Sexy Hair Concepts. Made in USA.

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