Renpure Originals 14 Day Straight Treatment, Brazilian, Keratin

This treatment is free from harsh chemicals. As the 14 Day Straight is applied, keratin naturally bonds to hair. Heat sets keratin more permanently to hair. This process polymerizes and sets the final shape, straightening hair and leaving it straight, strong &. silky-smooth for up to 14 days. This conditioner based formula is loaded with keratin. If necessary this treatment may be used after each shampooing to maintain style without harming your hair. Color safe formula. No sodium chloride, gluten, dyes, sulfates, salt, formaldehyde. I'm Tom Redmond Jr., my dad and I started making hair care 30 years ago and pledged to never skimp on quality and never compromise on ingredients, we just make great formulas. We are a family just like yours. We are concerned about the environment and the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. We have been making hair care for 30 years so we developed a new line of hair care free from harmful chemicals. Renpure is safe hair care for our family and yours. - The Redmond Family. These products are not tested on animals, they are tested on the Redmonds. Made in our United States of America.

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