Not Your Mothers Hair Primer, Style Extending, Deja Vu 'Do

Benefits: an ideal base for all hairstyles; keeps hair cleaner longer; improves shine to the hair. Do you believe in magic? Well, even if you don't, you'll believe in Deja Vu 'Do. This unique, lightweight cream will ward off any bad hair spirits and cast a clean hair spell (for days!) until your next wash. It will block humidity and repel dirt and oil all the while adding body and flexible hold. Made with conditioners for long lasting frizz control and improved shine, and infused with a delicious scent of red apples and berries, this style extending hair primer will keep your 'do as fresh as it was moments after you styled it. Repels dirt. Extends style. This finished product is only tested on our human staff, never on animals. Learn more at Blocks humidity. Flexible hold. Deja Vu 'Do?! NYM slang. Deja Vu (n): That eerie feeling you get when the same exact thing happens to you - again. 'Do (n): Your hair or hair style. Deja Vu 'Do (n): 1. Having the same fabulous hair for the second (or third!) day. 2. Magic for your hair. 3. A new product you cannot live without. Repels dirt & oil. Controls frizz. American owned. Made in USA.

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