Nym Naturals Green Tea Masque

Deep conditioning with antioxidants to help restore damaged hair. Naturals (Our ingredients are considered naturally derived if they are unchanged from their natural state or have undergone processing (which may include the use of non-natural ingredients or processing agents), yet retain majority of their molecular structure from their original plant or mineral source. The remaining synthetic ingredients constitute 2% of the formula to help ensure its efficacy and shelf life). 98% naturally derived ingredients. A detoxifying blend of Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom enriches hair and scalp with antioxidants & nutrients for a deep clean. This rich butter masque deeply conditions and aids in restoring damaged strands. No sulfate surfactants. No silicones. No parabens. No dyes. No gluten. No phthalates. nymbrands.com. Cruelty free. Made in USA.

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