Dove® Intensive Repair Daily Super Conditioner 8 fl. oz. Tube

Conditioner with treatment. Instant deep nourishment. With patented micro moisture serum and fiber actives. Prevents split ends and breakage. Weightless formula. Advanced care repair for beautiful hair. Next generation conditioner with treatment inside. Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair problems is damage. That's why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do. Did you know? Conditioners mainly repair surface damage but some damage lies deep inside the hair fiber. Dual-action formula contains: treatment with Fiber Actives: penetrates deep inside to help repair hair internally without weighing it down. Conditioner with patented Micro Moisture Serum: repairs, intensely nourishes and seals lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage. For benefits of a treatment at the speed of a conditioner, leaving hair intensely nourished, significantly strengthened and silky smooth. Made in USA.

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