Nexxus Emergencee for Weak and Damaged Hair Conditioner 13.5 oz

Step 2. Concentrated protein. New York salon care. Emergencee Restoring Conditioner: The Nexxus salon philosophy is about creating hair with optimal balance, hair nourished within that moves with liquid fluidity. Achieving this relies in the power of the system. All Nexxus shampoos are silicone free. Custom crafted, our shampoo rebalances hair by rebuilding broken bonds and replenishing nutrients within, leaving hair responsive. Nexxus conditioners restore the protective barrier, leaving hair balanced and flexible. At Nexxus we call this balance the perfect equilibrium. Enriched with marine collagen and concentrated 100% pure elastin protein, Emergencee Restoring Conditioner reinforces the cuticle wall rebuilding strength by reducing breakage and repairs the inner fibre of each strand. Step 2: Restoring conditioner. To find out more about the Nexxus New York Salon go to Made in USA.

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