Broo Shampoo, Moisturizing, Craft

Vegan. No sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates; No parabens; No phthalates; No silicones; No dyes; No artificial fragrance; No harsh preservatives; No phenoxyethanol; No Pegs; No DEAs, MEAs, TEAs; No dioxane; No polyquaterniums; No guilt! Intoxicating Hop flower 100% natural scent. Drench your do! Craft beer the brew for strength+shine moisturizing shampoo for dry, damaged hair shea butter quenches + caffeine wakes up follicles. Brewed without sulfates parabens synthetic scents silicones phthalates dyes. Enjoy responsibly! Color safe. Actually, beer does make everyone better looking! Malted barley = B vitamins, proteins, & minerals nourish, repair and protect hair. Hops Flowers = Antioxidant-rich essential oils fortify and soothe scalp. The result? Strong, shiny hair! That's why we chose all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer as our main ingredient. Ultra-Performing moisturizing mixology. Shea butter = hydrates & softens. Caffeine = stimulates scalp & follicles. Brooluxe = natural alternative to silicone maintains moisture. Beer hair crazy? For ages, beer has been a home-brewed remedy for strong, shiny hair! Just ask your mom! Our moms beer hair inspired broo! Things we brew without premium ingredients fair price & a little goes & a long way. PH-balanced + color-safe + no beer smell! Natural ingredients may cause variation in color and consistency of this product. Shower the world the broo foundation. Part of your purchase goes to support clean water projects worldwide. Crueltyfree. Brewed in USA.

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