Clif Energy Bar, Chocolate Brownie

9 g protein. Certified Organic by QAI. Non-GMO. Ashima Shiraishi, Clif Athlete. I started rock climbing when I was 6 years old in New York City. It never occurred to me that climbing up a plastic rock wall would be interesting, but once I tried it, I realized the delicacy of full body awareness combined with the mental battle required to get to the top can be extremely addictive. After that, I was at the climbing gym every day. I usually reach for a Clif Bar during training sessions, and they also make perfect pre-workout fuel. I love how they release a steady amount of energy, plus they taste delicious, so it's always exciting to open up a bar! 2017 US National Champion in Sport and Speed Climbing. 1-800-ClifBar M-F 8-5 PT. Clif Bar Family Foundation. Limited Edition packaging. Certified 100% recycled paperboard. This carton is made from 100% recycled content with a maximum 65% pre-consumer content and a minimum 35% post-consumer fiber content. FSC: Recycled - Packaging made from recycled material. Please recycle. Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa.

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