CLIF Bar® Crunchy Peanut Butter Energy Bars 12-2.4 oz. Bars

Limited edition packaging. Nutrition for sustained energy. When I was growing up, my mom was into healthy eating, so instead of sweets our family would always reach for something nutritious like an apple. As a professional athlete, I'm even more conscious of what I put into my body today. With my crazy schedule, having a Clif Bar makes it easy for me to get the right mix of protein, fat, and carbs to keep my energy levels high before practice or a game. And with all of the traveling I do, especially long international trips, it's great that I can just bring a few bars along. Plus, they're satisfying enough to stop me from reaching for the bad stuff instead. -Venus Williams 23 Grand Slam titles in singles and doubles. FSC: Recycled - Packaging made from recycled material. Clif Family Foundation. Giving back.

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