Galil Turkish Delight, with Pistachio

Turkish Delight is produced according to the traditional Turkish Delight recipe and is the genuine Turkish Delight without preservatives and/or additives that are not mentioned in the ingredient. This is known as Real Turkish Delight. Icing sugar increases the durability of the product whilst preventing stickiness between the pieces. The amount of Turkish Delight dusted with icing sugar in this box is exactly equal to the net weight appearing on the principal display panel. Turkish Delight becomes soft in hot temperatures, and becomes hard in cold temperatures. Turkish Delight is best preserved in dry conditions. With its unique features Turkish Delight requires extensive packaging and can not be packed using separators as other confectioneries' due to its nature. Product should be packed in exclusively designed boxes with raised sides in order to maintain a proper shape without sticky and damaged pieces, and to deliver the product to customers in perfect conditions. However, the most consumed confectionery, chocolate, is packed using separators, and therefore weighs almost half the same size of a box of Turkish Delight. Packed Turkish Delight loses its shiny appearance when dusted with icing sugar, but the inside remains clear. Product of Turkey.

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