El Guapo Mexican Bay Leaves (Laurel), 0.5 oz

Mexican Bay Leaves (Laurel) are sourced from an evergreen shrub native to Mexico. Prized for their herbal flavor, they are widely used in Latin American cuisine in soups, stews, braised meats, seafood and marinades. The bay leaf is a robust herb that benefits from long cooking. It is best in dishes that are boiled, simmered or stewed. Add the leaves to the boiling water when cooking potatoes, beans or rice. From mole to pozole to escabeche, bay leaves add rich flavor to classic Mexican dishes. Bay Leaves are one of the many products offered by El Guapo and you can be confident that they are of the highest quality. For the past 30 years, El Guapo has provided ingredients to make delicious, authentic Mexican meals for your family.

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