Truvia Brown Sugar Blend, Plant Based 18 Oz

Sweetness is meant to be enjoyed. That's why Truvia created products meant to reduce sugar, not taste. The clean, sweet flavor contained in Truvia Original Calorie-Free Sweetener comes from nature in the form of the stevia leaf. Because leaves don't dissolve well in most of your favorite recipes, we extract the flavor from the stevia leaf and balance its sweetness with erythritol, a sweetener produced by fermentation. Erythritol is also found in fruits like grapes and pears. This gives you the crystals you're used to with fewer calories. Truvia Brown Sugar Blend is a mix of Truvia Original Calorie-Free sweetener, brown sugar and erythritol, which bakes and browns like brown sugar but with 75% fewer calories per serving than brown sugar. This 18-ounce bag is resealable to maintain freshness and make storage simple

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