Spice Islands Spice Islands Ground Ginger, 1.9 Oz Jar 1.9 Oz

Spices Islands Ground Ginger offers a warm, spicy bite every time you use it. This ground ginger has a pungent, lemony flavor that matches well with everything from couscous to cookies. Spice Islands Ground Ginger brings the zing so you know it is authentic. Use this ground ginger to flavor marinades, curries, and baked goods for an intense taste. You can also go for an Asian flair by mixing Spice Islands Ground Ginger with soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds, and minced garlic for an added zest to your vegetables, chicken, or steak. The Spice Islands brand takes steps to preserve the rich, authentic flavors found in the world's herbs and spices. This glass jar of Spice Islands Ground Ginger shelf-stable/ambient.

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