Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt Pink Sea Salt

Selina Naturally® Celtic Sea Salt® Pink Sea Salt. Family Owned Since 1976. Unrefined & Sustainable. Alkaline pH. Quality Certified. Exquisite Taste. The Leading Natural Sea Salt Brand. Doctor Recommended. This Salt Does Not Supply Iodide, A Necessary Nutrient. More Nutritious Than Table Salt. Everyday Cooking. Pickling. Grind It Fresh, Perfect For Grinder. Gluten Free. Gourmet Finishing. Net Wt 1 lb (452 g), 5 lb (2260 g). Vital minerals harvested directly from the sea. Celtic sea salt® pink sea salt is not only attractive; it has an elegant flavor with absolutely no additives. This amazing sustainable crystal pink sea salt gets it color from the natural red clay lined with the salt ponds. Pink salt is great for various types of applications and has become an instant favorite among culinary and health professionals. This natural pink sea salt holds many of the same virtues that Celtic Sea Salt® looks for to only source the best ingredients for you. Being 3rd generation family owned we choose sustainable practices to help preserve this planet for generation to come. Celtic Sea Salt® is 100% sustainably harvested, always! Our 40+ years expertise as the leading sea salt brand has given us the knowledge of quality standards you should expect from a high mineral salt: Regular inspection at harvesting site. Fair business practices with our farmers. 3rd Party laboratory analyzed to confirm mineral content and pH. Bring out the flavor in your dishes with Celtic sea salt® products. 100% Sustainable. cGMP Good Manufacturing Quality Product. Call for a free sample of our Makai Pure® Deep Sea Salt! 1.800.TOP.SALT.

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