Mc Cormick Gourmet Sesame Seed, Organic 1.87 Oz

Add a little nuttiness to your meals with a sprinkle of McCormick Gourmet Organic Sesame Seed. Sesame seed adds texture and flavor to Asian stir-fries and rice dishes, as well as confections and baked goods, like rolls, bagels, cookies and pastries. For cuisines all around the world, sesame is a staple ingredient loved for its delightful flavor and crunchy texture. In Japan, the seeds are used to coat sushi rolls or mixed with panko to crust chicken. In Mexican moles, sesame seed flavors the sauce and garnishes the dish. They are ubiquitous in Middle Eastern kitchens in Za’atar seasoning, tahini paste, baklava and kofta, a meatball of ground lamb. Toast the seeds in a dry skillet for 1-2 minutes to bring out a richer, nuttier flavor.

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