Mc Cormick Gourmet Organic Rubbed Sage, 0.75 Oz

Aromatic sage is not just for Thanksgiving dinner. It features a woody-piney flavor that pairs perfectly with meats like pork or lamb, or can be used to elevate the flavor of soups, stews and potatoes. The mountainous region of Albania is known for the quality of its sage, where the conditions contribute to the herb’s distinctive flavor and aroma. Naturally McCormick Gourmet sources their Organic Rubbed Sage there. Our sage leaves are handpicked and gently dried. It’s lightly milled then sieved into a fluffy, almost cotton-like texture, a process known as rubbing. Sage’s piney, peppery, lemony flavor perfumes pork and poultry for roasting. It lends robust flavor to stuffing, butternut squash ravioli, chowders, herb breads and cheese spreads.

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