McCormick Fennel Seed, 0.85 oz

At McCormick® our whole fennel seeds are carefully selected for subtle licorice flavor. The seeds originated in the Mediterranean area, so it’s no surprise to find them popping up in Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines in both sweet and savory dishes. The oval green-yellow fennel seeds have a distinct flavor which is sweetly aromatic with hints of licorice. It’s the seasoning which brings Italian sausage and marinara sauce to life. In the south of France, fennel seed is often paired with pork, and used in sauces and stuffing. The seeds power such flavorful blends as Herbes de Provence, curry powder and Chinese Five Spice. At home, coarsely crush the seeds to add to vinaigrettes, marinades, and spice rubs for chicken, pork or lamb.

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