Adams Rib Rubb Rib Rubb 7.5 Oz

A unique blend of herbs and spices that will give your ribs a flavor and tenderness never experienced. The original. Don't risk it - rubb it. Goodness grows in North Carolina. Award winning Adams Rib Rubb is a seasoning/tenderizer that after rubbed onto meat, covered and chilled, will break down forming a liquid marinade. Rubb all meats - pork, beef, chicken, venison and fish. Your preparation is the same with any meat - sprinkle the meat lightly with Rubb. Wrap in foil or place in an air tight container, and refrigerate for at least 1-4 hours, overnight is best, grill, bake, broil or fry - depending on desired taste, this package will season 16 to 20 lb of meat. Your comments and questions are welcome.

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