Omega Foods Olive Oil, + Omega-3

The better olive oil. 400 mg Omega-3 per serving. 100 mg EPA/DHA Omega-3 per serving. Why we're better! Although Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good, it contains no health impacting Omega-3s. The Better Olive Oil: 400 mg total Omega-3s, 100 mg EPA/DHA + 300 mg ALA. All Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 0 mg EPA/DHA Omega-3s. Are you balanced? Studies have shown that a balanced ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 may improve your health. Learn more about Omegas at The Better Olive Oil: 4 to 1 Ratio Omega 6 to 3. All Extra Virgin Olive Oil 12 to 1 Ratio: Omega 6 to 3. Corn Oil 59 to 1 Ratio: Omega 6 to 3. Gluten free. Cholesterol free. Trans fat free. GMO free. Great in marinades. Create delicious soups, sauces & salad dressings. Try dipping bread. Saute & stir-fry. Perfect for light cooking and baking. Drizzle on veggies. Get more of the omegas you need in our delicious and convenient foods. Each Serving Provides: 400 mg Omega-3 essential oils including 100 mg of pure marine-based EPA/DHA. Sodium free. Sugar free.

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