Hol Grain Bread Crumbs, Brown Rice

Wheat free, gluten free. Made from 100% brown rice. No cholesterol, no sodium, no sugar, fate free. Hol-Grain, the leader in wheat free-gluten free products, is pleased to make this much needed Brown Rice Bread Crumbs product for anyone on a wheat free-gluten free diet, or for those just interested in eating healthier! Our only ingredient is medium grain Brown Rice! Use our Hol-Grain Brown Rice Bread Crumbs the same way you would use any type of bread crumbs; As breading for seafood, chicken, beef or pork; Use in casseroles; As stuffing for poultry; Use in meatloaf or croquettes. My pledge to you: At Hol-Grain, we've been milling rice long enough to become the Oldest Rice Mill in America (in fact, we've been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Government). This long, proud and successful tradition of making quality grain-based food products is something we take very seriously. I really hope you enjoy our Hol-Grain Products.

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