We Erythritol Sweetener

Gluten free. Zero sugar Zero calories Low glycemic index. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Natural sugar alternative. A great alternative to sugar! Sugar-like texture. Pleasant, sweet taste. Great for baking. Keto diet friendly. Suitable for individuals with diabetes. Erythritol is an alternative to sugar for those who want sugar-like sweetness and texture without the calories. Our erythritol is sugar alcohol derived from the fermentation of glucose from non-GMO corn. It is similar to the erythritol that occurs naturally in fruits, such as pear, melons, and grapes. Whole Earth Erythritol can be used in place of sugar in recipes or in beverages, cereal, or fruit to add just the right sweetness. It has about 70% of the sweetness of sugar without the calories. wholeearthsweetener.com For more information about our natural standard and ingredients, visit wholeearthsweetener.com. Resealable.

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