Truvia Sweetener, Stevia Leaf, Plant-Based 17 oz

Sweetness is meant to be enjoyed. That's why Truvia created products meant to reduce sugar and calories, not taste. The clean, sweet flavor comes from the best tasting parts of the stevia leaf in Truvia Original Calorie-Free Sweetener. Leaves don't dissolve well in beverages or baked goods, so we extract the sweetness from the stevia leaf. Because stevia leaf extract is 200x sweeter than sugar, we balance the sweetness with erythritol, a sweetener produced by fermentation. Erythritol is also found in fruits like grapes and pears. This gives you the sweet white crystals you love, without the sugar or calories. The three grams of carbohydrate per serving come from erythritol, a sugar alcohol that is absorbed by the body, but not metabolized. Each gram of erythritol has 0 calories making this sweetener great for diabetics and for those following a Keto friendly diet Whether you spoon it, pour it, or sprinkle it, this bag is great for measuring just the right amount of sweetness you crave.

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