Spice Hunter East Indies Mace, Ground

Imparts a spicy signature to many sweet and savory classics. Mace and nutmeg can often be interchanged in recipes, so use mace when the brown specks in nutmeg are not desired, add a pinch to mashed potatoes, mace will add delicious flavor to bechamel sauce, clear soups, shellfish stock, potted meats, cheese souffls and oyster stews. Mace in the lacy covering (Aril) that surrounds the nutmeg seed. It has a strong, spicy, sweet, flavor that is more intense and pungent than nutmeg. Mace works well with both sweet and savory dishes. An excellent companion to all of the sweet spices. Use in baking and cream cheese desserts. Add to meat, fish, cheese, preserves, pound cake, French toast and cherries.

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