McCormick Gourmet Organic Anise Seed, 1.37 oz

Anise seed's sweet licorice flavor plays a starring role in Italian biscotti and German pfeffernusse. Harvested from a plant in the parsley family that’s native to the Mediterranean, McCormick Gourmet Anise Seed is organic and non GMO. Anise seed has been prized since ancient times for its sweet, licorice flavor and aroma. The Romans enjoyed anise cakes after their meals. In addition to desserts, anise seed is also popular in confections, breads, pickling brines and fruit dishes. Its fennel-like flavor livens up savory foods like tomato sauce, sausage, soups, stews and seasoning rubs for pork roasts. Anise seed is thought to aid in digestion – it flavors many after-dinner alcoholic beverages including Greek ouzo and Italian sambuca.

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