Mc Cormick Gourmet Ancho Chile Pepper 1.62 Oz

McCormick Gourmet Ancho Chile Pepper is pure ancho chile peppers ground perfectly to deliver mild heat and sweet fruit flavor. The most popular of the dried chiles, ancho is an essential ingredient in authentic Mexican cooking. Ancho is one of the chiles in the “holy trinity” of chiles used in traditional moles. It also lends its dark rich color and smoky flavor to many other Mexican dishes including enchiladas, tamales, red chile sauce, salsas and adobos. At home, use this versatile spice to add a flavorful kick to chili, soups, scrambled eggs, and marinades and spice rubs for meat, chicken and salmon. The fruity, raisiny flavor of anchos also pairs well with chocolate and cinnamon in sweet recipes like brownies, cookies and hot chocolate.

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