Pompeian® Medium-Heat Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray 5 fl. oz. Aerosol Can

0 g trans fat. Naturally gluten free. Non GMO project verified. nongmoproject.org. Perfect for: seafood marinades. Baking coating. Quality since 1906. No propellants. Beneficial mcts. Fuel for brain and muscle function. No cfcs. No preservatives. Non-allergenic. No residue buildup. Pompeian's coconut oil non-stick cooking spray not only offers a mild and pleasing coconut taste, but also contains beneficial medium chain triglycerides that fuel brain and muscle function. It has a high smoke point, making it suitable for high temperature cooking like baking, and a flavor that's perfect for seafood marinades and coating. It is a powerful spray without the use of chemicals, propellants or other artifical additives, so only 100% coconut oil is dispensed. It is also certified non-gmo by the non-gmo project organization. There's never propellant mixed with your oil! Our pouch system keeps out air and light, so our oil stays fresher longer. And you will never get propellant mixed with your oil! pompeian.com. For more product information and recipes, visit pompeian.com. For more questions or comments, call 1-880-POMPEIAN (1-800-766-7342). Eco-friendly. 100% recyclable. Packed in the USA.

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