Carolina Table Salt Rub, Original

Rub; spice; seasoning; crust; topping; base; garnish. Great on 'most anything! Est 2012. Genuine. Authentic. What started as a rub evolved into a trusted kitchen staple and fitting tribute to tasty Southern cooking when Carolina Table Salt co-creators (and newlyweds) Michael and Geena's love for each other was coupled with an undeniable passion for great food and good times. Flavorful on most anything grilled, smoked, roasted or sauteed - from pork to chicken to fish and beef - even veggies, Carolina Table Salt continues to blur everything from state lines to recipe cards. More than just a rub, it's a spice, a seasoning, a crust, a topping, a base and a garnish. Part North, part South - 100% Carolina. For recipes and more check out USA made.

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