Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, Triple Berry 6.5 oz

Few can resist a fresh-baked, fluffy muffin bursting with sweet triple berry flavor. The Betty Crocker Triple Berry Muffin Mix is a quick and easy way to get a hot batch of muffins onto your table whenever you want. Like blueberry muffins, but with more berry flavors, these baked goods are perfect with a tasty breakfast or snack. All you need is water or milk, a pouch of muffin mix and some time to bake, and you'll be set to enjoy delicious triple berry muffins with the whole family. For more than a century, Betty Crocker has been a popular creator of easy, delicious recipes. Today, the Betty Crocker kitchen is still providing convenient, tasty dessert mixes, frostings, and convenient meal options and side dishes. And today, you can still find those same products you grew up with on grocery shelves.

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