Duncan Hines Cake Mix, Red Velvet, Perfectly Moist 15.25 oz

Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix, which is naturally and artificially flavored, makes baking easy, fun and super tasty! Indulge in the delicious, moist and chocolatey taste of this Duncan Hines Cake Mix and be amazed at the bakery-like flavors. Anyone can achieve decadent red velvet cake with the simple, easy-to-follow instructions on the back of the box. Enjoy a fun holiday baking activity with friends and family, or be the designated taste-tester. It's perfect for a birthday cake, a special-occasion treat or an after-dinner dessert. Also, the topping possibilities are endless! Use your favorite cake icing, festive sprinkles and candy pieces for your very own cake masterpiece! Try this cake mix today!

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