Adams Ultimate Rubb Rubb, Spicy! 7.5 Oz

This all purpose meat, fish and poultry rubb has fast become the favorite among great cooks everywhere. Don't risk it - rubb it. Rubbs have been a secret of chefs for decades. Adams Ultimate Rubb has been a family tradition for many years. It's uses are almost unlimited. Use Adams Ultimate Rubb for all meats, fish and poultry. Just sprinkle on and rubb it in, let it marinade for 30 mins. to 2 hrs. even tougher cuts of meat will come out tender and juicy. Put a little in your baked beans for an amazing taste. Sprinkled lightly on salmon and baked is wonderful. Use your imagination! Vegetables will take on a fantastic flavor. Sprinkle a little on french fires. For a fish and chicken breading mix 1 part rubb to 4 parts flour. It's the ultimate. Your comments and questions are welcome. 1-888-Rib-Rubb.

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