Gunshot Sauce Sauce, Gourmet, Hot & Spicy Recipe

Southern tradition. Gourmet sauce, marinade & more. The genuine article. Time tested, Grampa approved. Taste the difference. 100% natural. Fat free. Gluten free. Quality ingredients. All natural goodness. Old time attention to taste. Taste what the fuss is about. One taste will make you a believer. Takes you back to the simpler times. It's safe to say you've never met a man like Grampa Wilford. When he got the itch to BBQ, he didn't just fire up the smoker, he fired up his 12-gauge as well. Literally, packing homemade shotgun shells with a secret sauce and shooting pork shoulders full of intense flavor and spice. Mouths would water far and wide at the telltale gunshots ringing out from his farm. Staying true to his original recipe, this remarkable sauce is naturally gluten free, cholesterol free, and has no MSG, corn syrup, or preservatives. While we don't recommend Grampa Wilford's hair-trigger technique; pork, chicken, steak, fish, wild game, burgers, jerky, eggs, salads, and even popcorn all taste better with a healthy splash of his all-natural Gunshot Sauce. So kick back and let your taste buds take aim. Made in USA.

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