Grain Berry Pancake & Waffle Mix, Whole Grain 28 Oz

New! Add fruit to enhance antioxidants. To help slow sugar & carbohydrate metabolism (Somethin' Good blend is made with whole grain sorghum, high tannin sorghum bran, and whole grain wheat. The complex carbohydrates found naturally in whole grains and bran are broken down more slowly into the glucose that is used by the body as an energy source). Sugar-Tamer blend (Sugar-Tamer refers to our unique whole grain & bran blend. Leading mixes on the market are often made with refined flours that the body converts easily into glucose. The whole grains and high-tannin bran in Grain Berry Somethin' Good contain complex carbohydrates which help tame and slow down the body's ability to convert them into sugars). Onyx defense against free radicals. We lab tested amazing Onyx whole grain sorghum to combat a spectrum of free radicals as shown below: Report of Lab Analysis: Activity against peroxyl radicals: 42,274 (umole TE/100g). Activity against hydroxel radicals: 30,489 (umole TE/100g). Activity against peroxynitrate radicals: 1,331 (umole TE/100g). Activity against superoxide anion: 81,865 (umole TE/100g). Activity against singlet oxygen: 15,943 (umole TE/100g). Activity against hypochlorite: 55,400 (umole TE/100g). Onyx total antioxidant bio/activity: 227,302 (umole TE/100g).

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