Bear Naked Cereal, 100% Pure & Natural, Cranberry Raisin 12.5 Oz

Wheat and rice flakes, raisins, sunflowers seeds, cranberries, pepitas, apples. Raisin shine! Cranberry Raisin is a delicious and densely packed combination of hearty flakes, crunchy clusters and berries galore. The Goodie Factor: Ever since our very first batches of granola, we've been searching for ways to un-invent food and celebrate the variety mother nature provides. So as we thought about cereals, we felt they should be more than just hearty flakes. We wanted a mouthful of bearly processed goodies we could actually pronounce. And that's what you hold in your hands. A thoughtfully crafted blend of nature's boldest flavors, richest textures, mouthwatering aromas and real nutrition that makes your body smile. In our camp, we believe every sunrise reveals a new adventure, and this cereal is for those of you who want to wake up and experience a pure and natural breakfast. Join our discoveries - the Bear Naked Team. Get Bear Naked. It's completely natural! Look Inside and See What We're Made of: no artificial flavors; no cholesterol; no hydrogenated oils; 0 g trans fat; no high fructose corn syrup; no worries.

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