Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Shoppe Frosted Ice Creme Sandwich Flavor

Naturally & artificially flavored. 25% less sugar than leading toaster pastries (this product contains 25% less sugar than 74 of the top 100 toaster pastries [IRI US FDMx unit sales 12 wk w/e 11/1/09] Pop-Tarts Frosted Ice Creme Sandwich Toaster Pastries contain 11 g sugar/48g serving compared to 16g to 21g sugar/50 to 54g serving in other toaster pastries). All of the fun, without the brain freeze! 0 g trans fat. Good source of 8 vitamins & minerals. Good source of calcium. Good source of 4 B vitamins. Exchange: 2 carbohydrates, 1 fat.

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