Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Baking Mix 20 oz

100% whole grains. Organic whole oat flour. Add milk and egg. No added fat or cholesterol. 13 g protein as prepared. USDA organic. Whole grains taste better. A portion of sales donated to grizzly bear and wildlife conservation. Restoring the flapjack tradition. Long ago, flapjacks were the hearty mainstay of frontiersmen from the frigid Yukon to the High Sierra. These rugged mountain-men and homesteaders relied on a traditional whole grain flapjack that contained the light, mellow taste of whole grain oats. Those trailblazers had stumbled onto a superb nutritional breakfast. Their flapjacks contained a powerful source of carbohydrates, protein and fiber with very little fat. Today, few people know that the frontier flapjack and the ordinary pancake are not the same. At Baker Mills, we set out to restore the flapjack tradition with Kodiak Cakes. Our time-honored family recipe harkens back to another time and spanned many generations. Kodiak Cakes were finally introduced to the world one summer day in 1982 when Penny Clark decided to mix together the ingredients for her father's flapjack recipe to sell to eager friends and neighbors. She packed the mixes in brown paper lunch sacks, placed them in her eight-year-old son's red wagon, and sent him off into the neighborhood. In no time, he returned home with an empty wagon having sold every mix. From a little red wagon, to the best selling whole grain flapjack mix in the nation, Kodiak Cakes have come a long way. Yet the recipe continues to stay true to the old-fashioned flapjack of years past because of our steadfast commitment to use only whole grains and all-natural ingredients. Kodiak Cakes are not for the faint-hearted, but for those of us who, like the old frontiersmen exploring and settling untamed wilderness, require nutrition, vitality, and taste. Now with our Organic Oat Flapjack & Baking mix you get the amazing taste of Kodiak Cakes, made with organic 100% whole grain oat flour and other organic ingredients. For more recipes visit www.kodiakcakes.com. Instagram at kodiakcakes. Twitter at kodiakcakes. Facebook kodiakcakes. YouTube kodiakcakes. Try Kodiak Cakes other great tasting products. www.kodiakcakes.com. Carton made from 100% recycled paper. Made in USA.

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