Better Oats Oats, Organic, Steel Cut 30 oz

Feel good about what you feed your family in the mornings with Better Oats Organic Steel Cut Oats. These simple and delicious organic steel cut oats deliver the highest quality organic oats to your hot cereal or homemade recipes. Easily make overnight oats, hot oatmeal, and other quick breakfast creations using these organic steel cut oats from Better Oats. The organic steel cut oats are precisely cut to preserve the oats hearty texture and flavor. Plus, these steel cut oats contain 40 grams of whole grain per serving (1) and are a good source of fiber that help with your digestive system and can help you feel full longer. Better Oats Organic Steel Cut Oats are a great option for families that want to make heart healthy oatmeal (2) and meet their family dietary needs. Enjoy these organic oats plain or add in your favorite fruits and nuts for even more exciting flavor. The large, resealable container keeps your steel cut oats fresh and ensures you have enough for the whole family. Choose Better Oats Organic Steel Cut Oats the next time you want to make a hearty breakfast oatmeal that's wholesome and delicious. (1) Nutritionists recommend eating 3 or more servings of whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 48g per day). (2) While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

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