Millchap Sweet Potato Granola, Sweet Potato, Blueberry & Pecan

All natural. 0 g saturated fat. Non-GMO. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Millchap Sweet Potato Company's Granola, made from real southern sweet potatoes! Natural sugars from the sweet potato are caramelized and tossed with whole grain oats to add a satisfying crunch and deep color to our toasted granola. The addition of authentic sweet potato goodness allows us to not use any oils in our unique recipe - maintaining all the delicious flavor, but very little fat. At Millchap Sweet Potato Company, we are committed to producing the most genuine products (as any good southern girl would) - from only using Non GMO ingredients, to incorporating whole grains, to not using preservatives, nor artificial flavors or colors. So, go on ya'll and enjoy our granola for breakfast or as a sweet treat right out of the bag - deliciously guilt free! Charmingly yours, Millie (the sassy sweet potato). Don't be shy now, try all three flavors! Cranberry & Almond, Blueberry & Pecan, Vanilla & Honey. Learn more about our products y'all! Got to be NC products. Made in USA.

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