Pop Tarts Frosted Vanilla Milkshake Toaster Pastries 8 ea

Pop-Tarts Frosted Vanilla Milkshake, is a delicious flavor to look forward to. Enjoy them toasted, frozen or right from the pack. A quick and tasty anytime snack for the whole family, these toaster pastries are an ideal companion for lunch boxes, after-school snacks, and busy, on-the-go moments.  Not just for breakfast, the versatile deliciousness of Pop-Tarts fits into your lifestyle just about anywhere there’s time for a snack. Store them in your desk drawer for a pick-me-up at the office, keep them on hand in your pantry for a sweet after-dinner treat, or even bring some in the car for a satisfying snack on the road. These toaster pastries also make welcome additions to care packages, goodie bags, and gift baskets - a pleasant surprise friends and family will be delighted to unwrap. No matter how you eat them, you'll love the sweet, craveable flavor combination of delicious, creamy vanilla milkshake-flavored filling, fun frosting and colorful sprinkles in Pop-Tarts Frosted Vanilla Milkshake Toaster Pastries.

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