The recipe for healthy living. The natural antioxidant power of cocoa. All natural. Eat. At Eat.Think.Smile, we think eating should be one of life's great natural pleasures. So we set out to create a kind of bona fide snacking euphoria that makes you feel good from head to toe. Think. Brilliant as you are, you've got plenty to think about. So, in dreaming up our yummy recipes, we thoughtfully packed a nourishing mix of goodness into every bite, including our own exquisite blend of natural cocoa that comes with the power of antioxidants. Then we highlighted each wholesome, all-natural ingredient right on the pack - it's so easy to see, you can read it with your eyes closed in pure snacking bliss. (Well, almost.) Smile: When amazing snacking pleasure is packed with good stuff, great things happen. Joyful messages are sent to your brain faster than you can crack a smile, and you get that great feeling inside that you've made smart choices for your body and your life. This product contains CocoaOne: our unique blend of African cocoa and a premium Meso-American variety known as Lavado, the king of all cocoa varieties, with natural antioxidant power and a delicious flavor all its own. CocoaOne cocoa gives each serving of this product more natural antioxidant power than a cup of green tea. Once thought to be the elixir of life by the Mayans, cocoa is the world's best-tasting nutrient with natural antioxidant power. Whole grain oats pack a big punch. In addition to providing magnesium, iron, and fiber, these tiny grains provide a little bit of crunch. Cherries are the perfect balance of sweet and tart with natural antioxidant power. King Tut's tomb had almonds in it. Wisdom as old as ancient Egypt points to this nut as a source of vitamin E.

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