Special K Fruit & Yogurt Cereal 13 oz Box

Made with fiber, B vitamins and iron. Powering your strength. How much goodness can you pack into a single spoon? Well we've found it's actually quite a lot. That's why we've made it our mission to ensure that every flake bursts with the essential nutrients you need to make you feel strong from the inside. Wholesome granola clusters with fruity taste. Vitamins A, C, and E as antioxidants women need. Beta-carotene (source of vitamin A). Yogurty clusters for a creamy texture. Folic acid to support female health. Iron for oomph and energy. Vitamin D to support bone health. B vitamins as essential nutrients to convert food into fuel. Whole grain & fiber for digestive wellness. The best thing is, there's no compromise on taste. We promise a bowl full of rich flavors and delicious textures that work hard for you, getting the nutrition you need to power your day and reach your potential. Our best in every bite. Whole grain is the first ingredient. Colors and flavors from natural sources. BCTGM: Bakery Confectionery Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers. Kellogg's Family Rewards: Learn more at kfr.com.

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