Berry Colossal Crunch Cereal

Berry Colossal Crunch® Cereal. Sweetened corn & oat cereal. Naturally & artificially flavored. Super size! - Compare to Cap'n Crunch® Crunch Berries® Cereal*. Per 3/4 cup serving: 120 Calories. 0g Sat fat, 0% DV. 190mg Sodium, 8% DV. 13g Sugars. Iron, 50% DV. Vitamin D, 10% DV. Net Wt 34.5 oz (2 lb 2.5 oz) 978 g. A colossal berry flavor to match the colossal crunch. Berry Colossal Crunch® packs a huge berry punch. Huge! Bursting with essential vitamins and minerals and a sweet strawberry flavor make this a knock out breakfast choice for every colossal occasion. It's time to change the way you think about Cereal: Great tasting Cereal doesn't have to come in a box and it doesn't have to be expensive. That's why every variety of Malt-O-Meal® brand cereal is less spendy, earth friendly, and sooo tasty. Earth friendly: In fact, our bags are 75% less consumer packaging waste to deal with than a comparably sized box with a bag inside†. Soooo Tasty: But, does it taste good Will my family like it Find out for yourself. We guarantee you'll love it or we'll give you your money back. Top our Cereals with milk and some fresh fruit, or just have some on the side to make Malt-O-Meal brand cereal part of a wholesome, delicious breakfast. Visit to learn more. Super deal**. About 33 servings. 1 serving = 3/4 cup. Produced with genetic engineering. Terracycle- Make an eco-difference. This package can be recycled by Terracycle, Inc. Visit to find out more. TerraCycle® and the TerraCycle® logo are trademarks of Terracycle, Inc. used under license. Toll Free 866-967-6766. †Based on the net weight of empty consumer packaging per pound of cereal delivered. For details, go to *Cap'n Crunch® and Crunch Berries® are registered trademarks of The Quaker Oats Company. **Super Size and Super Deal claim based on comparison to net weight and suggested retail price per ounce of Cap'n Crunch® Crunch Berries®*. Taste Guarantee: We're sure your family will love our products! If you don't agree, your purchase will be refunded. "Best if Used By" date and proof of purchase required. We also invite your Questions and Comments. Write: MOM Brands, P.O. Box 1025, Lakeville, MN 55044. Call: 1-800-743-3029 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm CT, weekdays) or visit our website at ©2013 MOM Brands.

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