Caribou Coffee® Costa Rica Light Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz. Bag

Rainforest Alliance Certified 100%. Lively & balanced. Enjoy the coffeehouse taste. Even in your pajamas. At Caribou Coffee, we've always wanted to give you a way to bring a piece of our coffeehouses into the world. And while we'd prefer you don't take any of our decor off the wall or snag an espresso machine, our famous coffee beans have been granted permission to explore the world at their own leisure. So take 'em home, take 'em to the cabin, take 'em hitchhiking across the country if that's your thing. The important thing is not where you drink our coffee - it's what it inspires you to do. Life is short, stay awake for it. Freshness & enjoyment 100% guaranteed. Hand crafted. 1% world's top beans. Small batch roasting. If this coffee is not exceptionally fresh and enjoyable, we’ll gladly replace it. 100% arabica coffee. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Like bou. Follow Bou. Pin Bou. Love Bou. Bou does house calls order online at

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