Sylvia's Restaurant Yams, Cut Sweet Potatoes 15 Oz

Queen of soul food. They're dee-licious! My name is Sylvia, but some folks call me the Queen of Soul Food. As a little girl in South Carolina, I learned about soulful home cooking from my Mom. After a hard day's work on the farm, nothing tasted as good as warm, flavorful meals. When I opened my restaurant in Harlem, I wanted my food to capture that same feeling of love I remember from my childhood. We always had plenty of yams and recipes to go along with them. My mom served them candied and mashed or used them in breads, cakes, casseroles, stuffing, pancakes and waffles. And please don't forget to try our soul satisfying green peas, beans, seasonings, sauces and more- or stop by my restaurant for a visit. Love, Sylvia.

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