Starkist Cr.micro Latin Citrus

Wild tuna, quinoa, white beans, jalapeno, lime juice, cilantro & veggies. 160 calories. 11 g protein. Gluten free. Fully cooked. Enjoy heated or unheated. Microwave 30 seconds. Tear. Heat. Go. Zesty jalapenos and refreshing lime headline our Latin Citrus Tuna, giving you a lunch or dinner with lean protein and all the flavor you could possibly crave. Just tear, heat and go! Find all of our flavors and great recipes at Also Try: Creations Microwavables Tuna Tomato Basil; Creations Microwavables Tuna Thai Green Curry; Creations Microwavables Tuna Spicy Rice & Beans. StarKist flavor fresh pouch. Dolphin safe. Wild caught.

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