V8® Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Juice Energy Drink 46.000 Fl Oz

Experience a bubbly, plant-powered energy boost with V8 +Energy® Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Juice Energy Drink. Combining the flavors of sweet strawberry and tropical kiwi, this carbonated vegetable and fruit juice blend is infused with natural energy from black and green tea. Each 11.5 fl oz can contains 1 combined serving of veggies and fruit along with 80 milligrams of caffeine – as much as leading energy drink brands. A healthy energy drink alternative, V8 +Energy® Strawberry Kiwi Sparkling Juice contains 50 calories and 12 grams of carbs per can. It’s also an excellent source of B Vitamins. V8 +Energy® sparkling juice drinks are non-GMO and gluten-free with no sugar added* and no artificial colors. Enjoy V8 +Energy® carbonated juice as a coffee substitute in the morning, in place of soda during the afternoon, or as a mocktail or cocktail mixer in the evening. It’s great anytime you need a plant based boost of natural caffeine. (*Not a low calorie food; see nutrition panel for sugar and calorie content)

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