The Original Long Island Iced Tea Lemon

The Original Long Island Iced Tea™ Lemon. 100% Pure Cane Sugar. No Additives+Filtered Water. 20 FL OZ (591 ml). Long Island Brand makes tea that tastes like TEA - full-bodied flavors crafted with premium ingredients. And if your taste buds prefer a milder, lighter brew, simply serve over ice or add water. Our teas are 100% unadulterated! Refreshing and delicious Long Island Brand Iced Tea...It's "From Mother Nature's Top Shelf."™. Name aside, this drink is not what you think, unless you already know it's a refreshing, non-alcoholic blend of hand-picked tea leaves, natural flavors with a touch of cane sugar. Non GMO. Gluten Free. 1.855.542.2832.

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