Real Water Alkalized Water 16.9 Oz

Alkalized, antioxidant stabilized negative (-) ions for ultra cellular hydration. E2 Technology. 8.0 pH average at time of mfg. E2 - Alkalized antioxidant water. Taste and feel this difference! Real Water with E2 -Electron Energized Technology is the most advanced water available today. Through a proprietary process, Real Water is the only alkalized, antioxidant water with stabilized (-) negative ions on the planet! Most bottled water has two major problems: 1) it is acidic and 2) it is positive (+) ionized. According to many nutritionists, an acidic body that actually helps to promote better health. Since Real Water is alkalized, it helps your body become more alkalized to improve your health. The second problem is nearly all water is positively (+) ionized because the water molecules have been stripped of valuable electrons (-). This causes the water molecules to share electrons and clump together. These clumped molecules are not easily absorbed on a cellular level. With Real Water, the molecules are negatively (-) ionized. The negatively (-) ionized molecules contain free electrons and unclump so that they are quickly absorbed on a cellular level. As an added benefit, the free electrons act as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals. So, to truly hydrate on a cellular level, use Real Alkalized Water. No nutritional claims made.

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